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The Story of the Nephrostomy Comfort Belt

I designed the Timmons NCB after my husband, Frank, was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had nephrostomy surgery. The discomfort from the weight of the urine bags being pinned to his T-shirts and the need for excessive tape to secure the tubes caused a lot of distress. Concern about the tubes pulling out affected his ability to sleep and robbed him of much needed rest. The continual taping caused his skin to open and bleed.

In my distress, I cried out to God in prayer and asked for an answer to help my husband. That night the idea and sketch of a belt was borne. The next day I sewed a belt that would support the weight of the urine bags and would secure the tubes without the use of tape. Immediately after putting on the belt, I noticed a significant change in Frank. His anxiety lifted, his comfort was much improved, and he was able to go out in public and feel secure. The fear of the tubes pulling out while sleeping was gone, and he began to enjoy deep, restful sleep. Frank wore the belt 24 hours a day for nearly a year until his death in Dec, 2007. This belt so improved his quality of life that he was reluctant to take it off even for laundering. Seeing the tremendous difference my belt made for Frank, I wanted to make it available to help others in similar circumstances.

Our strong faith in God gave us the strength and comfort we needed to face that difficult final year of Frank’s life. Because he trusted Jesus Christ as his Savior, we both had complete assurance that his final breath would usher him into heaven and the presence of God for eternity, so we did not fear death. But I will be forever grateful to God for providing this belt to make Frank’s remaining time with me more comfortable.

It’s with great excitement and pride that I bring this product to you. My hope is that the T-NCB will provide the same level of comfort and security that my husband experienced and that God will be honored and glorified as I share my belt with others. It is also my sincere desire that you will know the peace and comfort that only God can provide. If I can be of further help or encouragement to you, please feel free to contact me.

The Nephrostomy Comfort Belt...

•Reduces fear of tubes pulling out

•Provides comfort and security to make going out more desirable

•Helps provide more restful sleep

•Reduces tearing of skin
from excess tape

•Worn under clothing

•Made in the USA

The LORD is great and greatly to be praised.

Psalms 96:4


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